LifePoint Nakuru Sustainability Project

LifePoint Nakuru believes in holistic approach to disciple making. In this regard we are involved in the following. 

In Nakuru we have established a sustainable and organic model vegetable garden. This is where the Lead Pastor lives and models faithful stewardship of the environment. This garden is chemical free and teaches the community on ways in which they can farm in sustainable, yet organic manner. The garden provides vegetables to the community around and also preserves seedlings for farmers in the community. 

Most of farming is done through irrigation where such ideas as “Zai pits” and mulching have been used. We also practice crop rotation and “Land rest.” Our main source of farm inputs is through composting. We also provide this compost to the community at an affordable price. 

Our main sales include, vegetables where we have many different varieties. Green maize, often farmed off season through irrigation. We have green maize almost all year round. Beans is our cover crop and is used to revitalize the ground through nitrogen fixation. We plant it after intense vegetable farming to revitalize the ground. We also get quite good harvest of the beans. We plant different varieties of beans including, Peas and lentils. 

We also have a dairy project which provides milk and manure. We sell raw milk to the community. In the dairy project we have not achieved 100% organic status, though we are moving towards this through planting of legumes as fodder. We however develop and mix our own feeds for the animals. We have chosen the Holstein Fresian animals as our choice breed. This is due to its heavy milk production. 

Our project is mainly for Poverty alleviation. In our project we give job opportunities for Church members who are unable to take care of their families and young men rescued from the streets. They come to the garden for work. In return we provide counseling and daily wages to sustain them. We also use proceeds from this garden to educate young people who cannot afford school fees

LifePoint Pokot Mission

 Is the mission outreach of LifePoint Nakuru Chapel based on the great commission to go to all tribes of the earth and out of them make disciples for Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). 

In the mission we are engaged in Church planting and community transformation as we believe in wholistic approach to discipleship. In the East Pokot area we have Planted 9 Congregations and continue to support them to maturity till we see a self governing, self multiplying and self sustaining Church. 

In this area we have also started two primary schools where elementary education is to be achieved. One school is running with about 200 pupils, while the second is under construction. We have also dug borehole wells for water which is very scarce in the community. We are at the moment offering a lunch program for the school where children who cannot have a good meal at home can be fed as well as get education. 

We are also prayerfully seeking to start sustainable agriculture which will support the mission in future. In this project we aim at three main areas. Bee keeping, Vegetables farming and goat keeping. We are in need of start up capital which will act as seed money with multiplication effect in future. The final figures of the project show that  a capital of up to 3,500 euro is needed. We, however, want to start a step at a time. For the first phase we are looking for 1,500 euro (Donate link).

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